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Fun Brainy Toys Review

Three Little Piggies


The Three Little Pigs is a story that’s been told throughout the ages to delight little kids everywhere. You’ll find the story is given many different formats from books to cartoons but the basics of the tale remain the same. The three pigs have to outwit the big, bad wolf …

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Roominate rPower


There’s a big gap between how many women versus how many men end up majoring in STEM subjects. These subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are the key that can lead to rewarding careers in the field. Sadly, there’s a lack in these skills among many young people today and …

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There’s a new block in town and it’s fantastic. The kid demand for these blocks is continuing to rise and there are many good reasons why parents are eager to buy these. The construction sets are unlike sets made by competitors that feature hard, unyielding blocks. Pin blocks have a …

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Compose Yourself by ThinkFun


The best way that children learn is through hands-on teaching. All kids naturally have the desire to create – especially when it comes to music, and you can encourage that desire by introducing your child to Compose Yourself by ThinkFun. This learning toy does so much more than ordinary music …

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